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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When You've Done All You Can - STAND!

Minister Donnie McClurklin, sings a song that says...when you've done all you can...when it seems like God has forgotten you..you just STAND...(or something along those lines)

In my almost 45 years of living "standing" and patiently waiting on the Lord has been the hardest thing to do. We live in an instant society..."minute rice, quick meals, fast food" so we are so used to having instant gratification.

This breeds an impatient world. God is not a Genie in the bottle. We can't pray a "instant prayer" and expect him to 'move' just because we 'rubbed/read' the bible and prayed a 'majic prayer..."presto chango". We must pray and quote scripture and STAND. Stand on his promises and exercise our FAITH.

You would not like it or want to be in a relationship where the only time your mate talked to you or spent time with you is when he/she wanted or needed something. God is the same way he doesn't want you to pray to him or GIVE to him because your wanting that big blessing. He wants us to spend time with him because WE LOVE HIM.

This month is Valentines Day and many are consumed with what they are going to get from that special someone. Let's learn to LOVE more and to GIVE. Give the gift of LOVE..pray without ceasing. When trials come your way lean unto the Father and he will MAKE YOUR WAY PROSPEROUS and YOU WILL HAVE GOOD SUCCESS!!!!

"And when you've done all you can you just...............STAND"

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