~The African Violet.....In Full Bloom~

Friday, January 28, 2011


We didn't get to say goodbye,
I guess that was your way of preventing that,
Not allowing us to finalize our relationships with you,
So I guess you are with us forever......

So now who are we to measure ourselves by,
When we need a standard set on how much fun to have,
Because you could party
Like no one else;

And who is going to show us
how not to waiver on our convictions,
Because you could stand strong
Like no one else;

And from who do we learn how bad not to be,
Because you sure could "raise hell"
Like no one else;

And who is going to help us take on
the trials and challenges of life,
Because you stayed a winner
Like no one else;

And who is going to teach us
how to fantasize with grace and style,
Because you could "shoot the bull"
Like no one else;

And whom are we to compare ourselves to
when it comes to giving LOVE,
Because you gave
Like no one else;

I guess now I understand why
you wouldn't let us say........


Written by another GILLIAM Male....my 1st Cousin...David Gilliam


  1. Absolutely Beautiful!
    ~but I don't know about the raising hell part...some of us don't do a bad job! :-)