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Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Reflections and Embracing 2011

As this year comes to  a close I have been sitting here reflecting on the good,
the bad and the ugly..ugly. I don't want to sound generic and or cliche (ish).
But I truly thank the LORD for another year that he has kept me in his care.
When I think back to 2007 when I went through a horendous ordeal....not even
knowing if I would live, much less walk again. I thank him for how far he has
brought me. As the old song says...If he never does anything else for me...HE's
On loving...I thank God that he has shown me and continues to teach me on how
to LOVE unconditionally. I thank God that he has touched my heart...and i'm
learning to be a conduit of positivity..and to focus more on the good in all. If
we all knew better..i'm sure we'd do better. So I can't fault those who don't
operate under the love creed. I can only pray for their awakening.
I thank God for my family and for those in my close intimate circle. It's
small by design. Everyone who says they are for you aren't always. I  have been
blessed with the gift of discernment and I am steering clear of those who do 
not have my best interest at heart. I can love you from afar until your words
and deeds are in close proximity of where I am going.
My children are so dear to me. I thank God he's blessed me with two
productive, positive young adults...they make it all worth while. My 4 loving
grandsons are the apple of my eye.........Troy III, Antione, Trenton and
Antonio..I'm looking forward (GOD WILLING) to seeing you boys progress and
thrive in this world. My mom......she shows me daily the meaning of  HIS LOVE
EXTENDED....she just 'does'..too much at times...but she is the epitome of
In conclusion...I am so looking forward to 2011 and the many blessings and
all the LOVE I can stand. I know the areas that aren't completed will come to
fruition in Gods perfect timing....all I have to do is 'my part' and continue to
LOVE and the BEST is yet to come.
I thank God for people that he has placed in my path to encourage.
Whitney...you make me happy and I am thankful daily for your progress.
421...I love you a lifetime........nothing and no one can ever change
(The heart wants what/who the heart wants) your words....
Happy New Year.....THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!

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