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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Uplift!! Uplift!!! Uplift!!!

I was on a friend’s FB page and someone made a disparaging remark and I simply stated “was that really necessary?” The poster replied, “you don’t know me!” I retorted, “I sure don’t but isn’t it much easier to uplift instead of tearing each other down.” I meant that from my heart. I’m not perfect in any way, but I am making  conscience effort to uplift, support and encourage. This simple task has made me feel much better as a human being. My ears are instantly frazzled when I hear someone tearing down another human being.
I would encourage each and everyone too build others and not destroy. We are snared by the words of our testimony. If we practice the “Art of Encouragement“, this random act of kindness will become a way of life.

Thank you Lord for placing positive energy in my life and giving me ALL the love I can handle. I thank you that you’ve placed it on my heart to be a friend and a supporter.
You are working on a “new and improved” me. For that, I give you praise!!
Uplift!!! Uplift!!! Uplift!!

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