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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Isn't it funny as we grow older...our FAMILY and time spent
becomes so very important. The little things our parents did
when you were a child become 'memorable moments', and  such good
times.  Instead of those "oh so embarrassing occasions",  that made you
cringe when they were happening.

I thank God for my family, I am happy for the good, bad, and embarrassing,
moments that have entwined us so tightly even to this day.

I am happy for that woman who would give me 'that look' from the usher's pew.
I was all the way in the choir stand and yet that look made me straighten up
and act right. I am thankful for that 'gruff' voice that use to say....
'don't be a FAILURE"...I still hear Mr. Gilliam's voice deep in my spirit to this day,
although its been over 20 years ago, when he left this earth….in his OWN WAY.

All those words, acts and deeds helped form the woman I am today. For that I’m grateful!!
I can only pray long after I’m gone my FAMILY will remember and cherish the words, acts and deeds
that I left them.  I want them to laugh and bask in all those memorable moments that
we shared.

~FAMILY~ (may the legacy live on)

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