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Saturday, January 15, 2011

~Your Gift~

I'm chuckling as I write. Ladies and Gentlemen, your 'gift' is what comes to you naturally with little to no effort. Do you find friends or loved ones calling you to do something specific consistently? They do this because they realize your very good at it and it takes you little to no effort to complete the task. Be it bake a fantastic Upside Down Cake  or make an excellent 7 course meal.

Whatever, the task you can do it with your eyes closed. And you wonder to yourself, “why do they always ask me to do this?!” Well my friend that is “Your Gift”. You may be a great orator, whereas others may be scared out of their minds to speak to others in front of a crowd. However, you find great pride in doing so. As a matter of fact you get a “rush” out of it! Again, my friend that is your gift.

Go within, make a list, seek God and find out exactly what the Lord has called you to do. What would you enjoy doing whether you were getting paid for the service/task or not.

Once you’ve established that……begin doing it. One of my favorite Authors, Jackie Collins, says, “If you want to be a writer….just begin writing!”

This brings me back to my new found mantra, “Build Where Your Planted!” Begin doing the things you enjoy, as unto the Lord, and sooner or later, I believe YOUR GIFTS WILL MAKE ROOM FOR YOU.

Well, let me get back to doing the tasks that my family member requested I complete. I am blessed to assist although, I am 2,000 miles away….You know why?? Because that is MY GIFT!!!
Smiling as God sends me little reminders. Go Figure!!!

I am blessed to be a blessing and I will WALK IN MY GIFT!!!

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  1. Very good post!! This is so important in finding purpose...I always had a problem with figuring out what i wanted to do for a long term career. I wanted it to be God's purpose and also something I enjoy but i thought it had to be something of the "norm" but after educating myself and getting know myself better I found it can be WHATEVER and it's usually what you least expect. I feel my purpose is writing, when I was younger i HATED reading and writing but now those are the things I Love doing and am pretty good at it. I can say my blog is the ONE thing that I have consistently done AND enjoyed. So I am just going to keep following that passion and I have received an opportunity to contribute to one of my fave magazine's websites!! I wouldve never thought I could do that but I just stepped out on faith and continued doing my best...

    Sorry for the long comment but I hope my small story lol can help someone else....

    Thanks Again!