~The African Violet.....In Full Bloom~

Thursday, April 21, 2011

~420 N 421 4 Lyfe~

It never ceases to amaze me our connection.......
As my birthday ends yours begins....what a wonderful succession.

When I think about our hours, upon hours of long dialog, and your attempting to make me
me understand logic and practicality.
It does not fall on death ears, because the words you speak are so very dear to me.

We come from two separate worlds....your everything that i'm not....
Yet I understand your obscure sense of humor, and you have out slicked the slippery fox.

I love our jokes...the unique way we do "us".......
Who would have thought one of our most intimate moments
was when we are 'thrifting'...yea....you and me...rolling in the truck.

Remember, Virginia Beach when time stood still you and I watching the beach on the sand..
Another intimate moment you and I, just the two of us hand and hand.

I remember your lugging Television(s) across town because you wanted me to be "ok"...
You have been bringing me things and fixing things, from day one ...that just happens to be in your DNA.

I'm laughing at the note from my mother, the fight with my daughter and just our family way.
You were a man about yours and didn't allow all of the riddiculum to run you away.
All wrapped up in a 6'5 1/2 package just the way I like.....
Mmmmm, your bald head...the one I rub at night.

Your my King and I’m your Queen....
I can go on and on...but no one needs to know our intimate things.

I thank God for sculpturing me, and making me just for you.
Many don't understand our connection....its unique, they can't possibly understand a man of your hue....

As we celebrate our miraculous and very interesting years on this earth.....
I thank God for giving me, you Kenneth Mr. 4/21, the day of your birth.

~420.n 421.......4lyfe~


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