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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

~On Lent~

I've heard many ask or mention what they are giving up for Lent. Although, i'm not a Catholic....I can understand and agree with the concept. I'ts similiar to fasting....giving up something to concencrate yourself closer to GOD. (Well i'm all for that) Initially, I was thinking of giving up meat, facebook, etc..etc....But then my mind reverted back to what I began at the beginning of the year...something I will focus on the remainder of my days. I would like to be a conduit of positive energy and a vessel of encouragement to others. I know there is a change going on with me because I am often offended when I hear others hurl disparaging words against others. I make a conscience effort not to entertain it. Or I will try and change the subject or encourage the person instead of joining in on the negative energy. The old addage is "misery loves company". Don't be a tail bearer or a sponge that enjoys to hear the downfall of others.

Speak positive words......speak things that are not as though they were and hopefully...eventually the words will match with the deeds.

I thank God i'm blessed....my family is blessed and the word of God is shed abroad in our hearts through Christ Jesus........

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